“I’ve watched Nerida perform on a number of occasions, and have been most impressed. She has wonderful stage warmth and presence. Her lyrics are insightful and catching, and although I don’t profess to be a music critic, I can see from my own, and audience reaction, that she has an unusual and attractive talent. She would not disappoint any organiser fortunate enough to secure her talents for festival or concert.”

– Col Wilson (“Blue the Shearer”)

“Nerida was truly amazing. The two songs that she wrote especially for the production were beautifully presented and truly captured the spirit of Kate and bush women. Her professional attitude, approach and ability to blend with Chloe and Jason Roweth with both voice and instrument captivated our audience.”

– Rob Willis (Producer of “The daring Kate Kelly” – National Folk Festival 2011)

“I liked ‘Canowindra’, a tribute to Nerida’s home town. Anyone who has chosen to live in a small country town will relate to the lyrics in this town… We have all got the guilts after partaking of ‘Retail Therapy’. In future if you feel like succumbing, play this track. It should help! ‘Iris’ is a lovely track, a mother singing to her daughter. A poignant track was ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ about the struggles to live the life we want amidst the pressures which surround us. Nerida sings with a country feel in ‘Don’t go west’ which is a strongly worded song about what we in the West have done and are doing to the planet… 
‘Sorry’ was written after Kevin Rudd’s apology to our indigenous people and is a powerful addition to the songs which have come from that event. This is my favourite track on the whole album… ‘Lay it Down’ is a beautiful track about accepting life as it is. Anyone who visits Op Shops will relate to ‘The thrill of the hunt’….

– Extract taken from TRAD & NOW Magazine review of Crazy Beautiful World

“Nerida has created a thought-provoking CD with something for everyone. I liked it.” 

– John Williams