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Prayers for a Broken Journey (2015)

This album is something of a departure from Nerida’s previous releases and general public performances, which have been prepared for secular audiences. This time, in ‘Prayers for a Broken Journey’, Nerida clearly expresses her faith, some of the nuances of her own spiritual journey, and the foundations underlying her life and outlook. 

“Prayers For A Broken Journey” is a collection of honest acoustic songs hewn from the vulnerable, thankful, joyful and sometimes untidy adventures that come with an authentic trust in God.

Nerida Cuddy’s songs are a rich patchwork of faith, love and life, cut from the fabric of experience, Bible truth, friendship and reflection. ”
– Colin Buchanan, Sep 2016

“There is real emotional and narrative depth to this beautifully recorded album. The more you listen, the more you find. A thinking, feeling woman’s take on life, love and family in an Australian town.”

– Fred Smith

It’s an album that’s definitely more porch than pulpit, more comfy sofa than concert hall, handcrafted, not manufactured, drifting with the familiar scents of home. I listen and I get a sense that these tunes aren’t for her, or them – or even me – they’re for us.

Broken the journey may be, nonetheless Nerida’s songs – her musical prayers – ring a with a happy, humble hope, refreshing the weary and giving a glorious glimpse into the heart – and home – of the true disciple of Jesus.”

– Colin Buchanan, Sep 2016