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New Album Released October 2015

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  • Prayers For A Broken Journey
    ” is a collection of honest acoustic songs hewn from the vulnerable, thankful, joyful and sometimes untidy adventures that come with an authentic trust in God.

    Nerida Cuddy’s songs are a rich patchwork of faith, love and life, cut from the fabric of experience, Bible truth, friendship and reflection.

    It’s an album that’s definitely more porch than pulpit, more comfy sofa than concert hall, handcrafted, not manufactured, drifting with the familiar scents of home. I listen and I get a sense that these tunes aren’t for her, or them – or even me – they’re for us.

    Broken the journey may be, nonetheless Nerida’s songs – her musical prayers – ring a with a happy, humble hope, refreshing the weary and giving a glorious glimpse into the heart – and home – of the true disciple of Jesus.

    Colin Buchanan, Sep 2016

  • Prayers for a Broken Journey is a beautiful album of biblically based musical insights Nerida has gained through her life and spiritual growth. As well as her haunting vocals and guitar accompaniment, the multi-layered acoustic soundtrack features Melbourne musicians Liz Frencham on backing vocals and double bass and Dave Gleeson on violin, native American flute and duduk.

    Eternity News, Bible Society

  • These are songs of comfort, faith and peace. Very easy to listen to, they naturally take you into prayer and contemplation of the presence of Jesus. Tuneful and beautiful, with a quite lovely accompaniment of guitar and violin, Nerida’s clear and haunting voice affirms in flowing melody the unfailing love of God, there with us even in times of tears and brokenness. I love these songs.

    Penelope Wilcock, Author: The Hawk & The Dove Series

  • This CD is such a gem, so highly recommended. It’s a taste of sweetness and a good gift for my soul. It’s one of the joys I’m treasuring at the moment…

  • Thank you for the CD – its ministry to me. A wonderful reminder of the Father of Compassion, God of all comfort, Man of Sorrows, who enables us through our weakness…

  • …worshipful and full of hard earned wisdom. The sound is crystal clear and the mixing is exquisite. So many beautiful images…..the strength of meekness, the fragrance of brokenness…..we were very moved and I will listen to it over and over again, to cement the wisdom in my heart…

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